You hired an agent who assured you they could sell your home. Months have gone by...your home did not sell..it's now an "expired listing". Agents are now phoning you, filling your mailbox and knocking on your door. 

 "What went wrong?"  "Was it my agent?"  "Was it my price?"  "Was the market slow?"  "Is there something wrong with my house?"  "Something wrong with the neighborhood?"  

These are the questions most home sellers ask when their home didn’t sell.  The truth is that the agent you hired failed you. They did not get the job done. You have every right to be upset. And to be afraid, and confused. I’ve spent many years working Expired Listings - and have an extremely high success rate with getting these homes back on the market and SOLD!

My success just to name a few comes from:

  • Knowledge of the market and current events 
  • Education and Experience 
  • Local and National Advertising
  • Ability to educate my Sellers and Buyers
  • Offering Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Customer Service

If you’re still not convinced….keep reading!

  1. The Richmond market is active and there is a shortage of homes making it a Seller’s Market.
  2. Buyers are back in the market place and homes are selling.
  3. Through my experience I’ve learned it’s not your home that kept it from selling but the lack of an aggressive and innovative marketing plan that allowed it to fail in getting successful results.
  4. We still have historically low interest rates available, Foreclosures are at a 5 year low and my Lenders have money to loan! New programs and Grants are being developed to assist Buyers in today’s market.

You want to sell...you need to sell. So what do you do next? With thousands of dollars at stake, it is critical that you get the right agent. Maybe you've learned the hard way that fancy brochures and hundred-point marketing plans aren't the answer. What are the important qualities to look for in your next agent?

  • Respect: This includes communication skills, one who cares, listens, and lets you know what is happening. It also includes honesty and integrity, an agent who will shoot straight with you, and work with principals and decency.  
  • Trustworthiness and Relatability: Look for confidence, not cockiness. Make sure you are comfortable with your agent, and that you feel free to express yourself honestly.
  • Results oriented: An agent who knows how to deliver results, getting you the best amount of money in the best time-frame for you, with the least amount of hassle. A hard-working, aggressive, business minded agent who has your best interest at heart. 
  • Leadership: It is your "boat", but you need someone to steer, to captain the ship. An agent who will work whole-heartedly, focused on getting you the result you expect and deserve. 

At the end of the day, you need an agent who knows how to sell every home they list. An agent committed to you, the client. Your home didn't sell, and it should have. I understand your frustration, and I'm here to help.

Take a deep breath. Relax a little bit. Then call me, together we will get your home sold!

Reach me at 804-305-1958, or send me an email at elizabethsellsrva@gmail.com. Let's get your home Sold!!

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